“You don’t even go here!”

Oh hey!

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Jordan. I am a Middle School teacher in Florida.

Did you just cringe a little?

Before you think I am a bit crazy for dealing with the hormones and drama of today’s Middle School population, let me explain.

I have my BA and MA in journalism. That is right! I am not your normal teacher. When I went to find a job in the ever-so-lovely journalism field, I was unable to find work.

Obviously, my initial thought was “I know! I’ll become a teacher!”


My mom talked me into it. Florida gave me a temporary certification and my awesome school’s principal hired me.

“You will teach 6th and 8th grade Language Arts”, they said. So, I thought to myself…”How hard could it be? They are just kids.”

I laugh at the thought of my naive self now. Easy was not even a word I could use to describe my first year as a teacher, especially at the Middle School level.

So, this blog will be my experiences and stories of working as a Middle School teacher. I may even throw in some teaching tips for lessons, fashion, and classroom decor.

I love my job and I certainly have my quirky moments. (You will soon find this out)

Enjoy the blog and enjoy the humor of my unteacherly teacher moments 😉

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