Teacher Summers: Relaxing or nah?

So, most of you sit here thinking, ” Man, teachers are living the life! They get two months off for summer and are STILL PAID!”

Let me clear this up for you.

While some of us DO have that dream life, many of us still work over the summer. There are even some teachers (like me this past year) who are on 10 month pay and have no money coming in over summer.

Now…what do most teachers do over the summer you might ask?

Some of us work…but a majority of us go to trainings.

Yea, I said trainings. Who would have thought, teachers need to learn more about how to improve and teach your kids. Crazy right?

I, myself, have done four trainings this summer.

1. ESOL – Four days, 60 hour class: Taught me to find other strategies to connect and teach my English Language Learners.

2. Core Connections – Three days, 12 hour class: Helps me to know how to teach my kids easy ways to write essays and preplan for the upcoming tests they will have.

3.  Textbook Training – One day, 3 hour class: We are in a textbook adoption year…and we got AWESOME books! So, clearly, if I am teaching students from them I need to know how to use them.

4. Carol Jago Training – Three days, 18 hour class: To learn how to help students create and answer more text dependent questions.

So…while you think we all enjoy a summer like this…


This is what we are really doing…

unnamed unnamed1


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