We all have learned to love the awesome memes that are floating around the internet. Grumpy Cat, Willy Wonka, Intense Baby…they are all hilarious. Why, however, do we not use them in our classrooms?

Students LOVE social media…memes included. So, my fellow 8th grade teacher and I had some fun this summer finding and coming up with clever memes to get across our classroom rules and points we thought our students needed to get.

Below I will list some of my favorite memes hanging up in my classroom:

   <– 1. Grumpy Cat! This is brilliant due to the fact my students can get chatty…I now can point to            this meme and give them this look. They get the point and appreciate my humor.






1222050c9183a33afae801a63f1bb550c2f5fe60a2c1770be8d859019a37f03b 2. Evil Happy Asian Boy…I love him. I want to  carry him around with me. Plus, he is hanging    on the inside of my door so as my kids leave they can roll their eyes at how “unfunny” I am while I giggle at them in my head….because I am funny…sorry kids. 😉 –>


534bbd282472f55f3d694c2b06562738<– 3.  Beyoncé will take your “no name” papers…and she will toss em to the left… into the trash…if you do not claim them and write your name on them. Make your papers happy, write your name on them! (#1 teacher pet peeve…no name papers…rawr)





4. Last, but not least: Willy Wonka at his finest! Kids are always asking me a week before grades are due for extra credit. If you want extra credit you should have done your original work…then you would not need to get your grade up necessarily!

Silly children, get it together. –>




As a side note. I was worried my kids would find me “lame” for covering my walls with memes to create some comedy relief in the classroom. However, most of them find my memes funny. Want to be a “cool” teacher like me in the eyes of your middle schoolers? Give memes a try…you never know, you may just turn into the most awesome teacher on campus…or, at least, we can help students hate school a little less with some entertainment they can relate to and appreciate.

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