You shall not pass!

Quarter one is done! 3 left till summer! This should be exciting…right?

Well, finished up grading my lovely kiddos’ projects and OH MY LAWDY! I have never seen such terrible, done the night before, I taped paper to a poster board projects in my life.

First off, if I EVER turned in a project like that my parents would have killed me! So, why these kids find hand written, paper folded and half taped on work acceptable baffles me.

Let me give you some insight. My kids have known about this project for five weeks…yes, FIVE ENTIRE WEEKS! It is worth 100 points and 20% of their grade for the quarter.

Still had kids turn nothing in. Zeros for you. Thanks for making my life easier. Means I drink much less wine while grading your fantastic understanding of how to write a paragraph summary.

After that frustration of grading (mostly) crap projects, I decided to go ahead and submit report card grades in the systems. Jesus_facepalm

36% of my ELA students have FAILED the first grading period.

I’m sorry, was I unaware that since you sit in class you deserve an “A”? Don’t make me giggle.

I am aware that working at a Title 1, turn around school is rough, but I did not realize that the kids just did not care this year to even try. Trying gets you a grade.

Being lazy and not doing anything gets you a big, fat 0%.

Secondly, how is it that us, as educators, get judged so harshly for how our students do, especially if you can look at grades and see some just refuse to do anything but sleep or turn in work? Seems like the education system needs to TLC and needs some people to look at it more closely.

Is it just me? Or are other teachers out there feeling my pain with this generation we are attempting to educate and make successful?

Being a teacher is a stressful, unfair, politically heavy job. Thank goodness we all do it for the kiddos…and the amazingly great paychecks we receive for our hard work and overtime šŸ˜‰



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