Fairy tales for EVERY lesson!

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? Seriously, don’t lie to yourselves…you love them.

Well, so do I!

I am one of those teachers who likes to pull things that the kids have known since they were little(r) and put it into classroom lessons.

Let’s be real for a minute. Any excuse to put something Disney-like into my lessons…I just like to add a little pixie dust and fantasy into my lesson plans.

My 8th grade students had a great time making a poster after researching Cinderella stories in other cultures. They quickly found out that, in some culture, the Cinderella story is not as lovely and magical as the version they grew up knowing.

Another way of bringing childhood fairy tales into the classroom is by using them to teach writing techniques. Along with teaching English, I also teach Journalism.

My journalism students are needing to learn how to turn fluffy, soft news into hard-hitting news.

Firstly, I am having them summarize popular fairy tales in one sentence. For example: Three Little Pigs.

“Two our of three pigs died when their houses were blown down by a wolf.”

Sounds a little less kid friendly, but this is what happened. Think about it.

Once, as a class, we have discussed and summarized the fairy tales, then I give them a couple more, this time they must create a 150 word news story about the story, all while keeping it news sounding.

Pretty fun huh?

My thoughts on this method is that most students know things such as fairy tales from when they were really little. So, why not make the learning seem less scary and hard by using something they already know that they do not find intimidating?

This can be done with anything the kids know well. Just a thought for those teachers who are looking for ways to change things up for their kiddos. Try something they like, know, and find “simple”.

Remember, all any of us need is a little FAITH, TRUST, & PIXIE DUST.


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