How I told my students I was expecting

If you are a younger teacher, you are constantly hearing things like, “When are you having kids?”, “Do you want kids?”, and many other baby related questions.

Finally, all my kids’ wishes came true and the hubby and I are expecting! (YAY!)

However, I waiting till the first trimester was over and came up with a cute little plan to tell my students I was having a baby.

I decided to tell my 5th period, journalism class first, because I was able to make it into a news writing assignment as well as I then was able to tell some of my babies I have had for 2 years in a row. 🙂

Here is the link I created for the Powerpoint I used as the journalism assignment. BabyNewsstoryPPT

It went over adorably! And the key part of the assignment was no talking the entire time till the questioning part of the activity.

How did the students respond to the story tips? Well, with the fetal heartbeat, some students thought it was a train, others a washing machine, and a few guessed heartbeat. More students were able to guess that the photo was og an ultrasound and then the date they guessed it was a birth date.

When it came to questions they were not allowed to make assumptions, so they were not allowed to ask if the child was mine, which made for an interesting Q&A session.

However, once i revealed the actual 5Ws, they FREAKED OUT! I have never seen so many excited faces and so many questions with real interest from these kids all year. It was well worth the wait and telling this class first.

Although once one class found out the news, the rest of the student body soon found out as students walked through the halls yelling I was pregnant. As the day went on the “rumor” (as my kids called it) spread from all the little mouths to little ears and more and more students popped into my room to ask questions, congratulate, and hug their pregnant teacher.

Some teachers may not have told their students…but I know mine would be too excited and like knowing about a bit of their teachers’ lives…especially when it comes to pregnancy.

Please note, I did have to make a rule really quick stating, “NO TOUCHING THE BELLY UNTIL IT IS ACTUALLY VISIBLE!” haha silly kids, just can’t help themselves.

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