Things I learned in my 2nd year teaching

So today was the day. The last day of the year and I couldn’t be happier.

This year has had ups and downs. I never thought this year could be tougher than my 1st… I was wrong.

However, live and learn is a good motto to live by. Here are a few things I learned this school year.img_2974

  • When mistakes happen… Sometimes you can’t control their outcome. 

This year I was in charge of the yearbook for the first time. I figured it wouldn’t be too bad.

It was HELL.

I found out (important) things last minute and we ended up accidentally publishing a photo with a few kids giving the camera the middle finger (yup..not good)!

We ended up fixing it…but it added so much extra drama that was unnecessary for the end of the year.

But hey, The cover turned out pretty amazing! No big deal.

  • You win some, you lose some. 

Not all children will connect with you. Some will despise you, and even without a good reason.

This year I had a harder time connecting with some of my kids.. But some kids don’t want to connect with teachers.

I got over it quickly. Especially when kids are jerks for fun.

  • District standards > your standards

So you expect students to pass your class with a C or higher? Well, with our great grading system..

Kids can FAIL 3 out of 4 quarters, get a D in one of them… And PASS the class!

Are you kidding me?!

Nope, no jokes here. So, expect the kids to know the minimum they can do to pass and not see your face again.

  • Summer school. To work or not to work.

So, you apply to work summer school because you like the idea of getting paid $25/hr to babysit the darlings you failed…

Plus, what does summer school really teach them? Oh hey kids, you can slack off and fail all year…just show up to summer school, finish the online credit recovery program in three days, then you are free.

I am really sure they learned the skills they needed to be successful in high school. *Claps for this brilliant system*

Well, this one is your choice. I am hoping I don’t regret my decision to give up my summer for the extra cash.

Although being the smirking face students will see in the morning will be fun. Should have passed my class the first go-around!

  • The education system is ruining lives and it doesn’t even know it!

Our education system passes kids who won’t succeed in the next grade, wares out its teachers, and is too political.

And we wonder why the USA has one of the worst education systems in the WORLD!

We over test our kids, and for what? Useless data that inaccurately measures how the kids are learning… Because no kids ever “Christmas tree” their exams. *Laughs*

We underpay and don’t support our teachers. We tell them they are not effective at their job to “show improvement” but then continue to overload classes, turn a blind eye to behavior problems, and expect teachers to not give up the fight because they LOVE the kids.

HA! Get real!

After all that we then pass students along until they fail so badly they give up and drop out. I had students who are 14 and read at a 2nd grade reading level! You really think they are ready to be successful in high school?

Why is this even happening?!

With all the things I have learned this year, I realize more and more how much teaching is not for me…or for anyone when you think of it.

However, luckily I have a soft spot for the kids I teach, they are the only reason I stick with it for now.

I promised to get my babies (you know who you are) through middle school…and I will! They make the crazy days, drama and stress worth it 🙂

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