Scales, scales, Marzano and scales

Every year there is something new that the Department of Education decides to stress on that is supossedly a “new strategy” that will make our education system better.

My first year it was board configuration (which kids never look at..but they NEED it.) Last year it was Common Core. *punches self in face* This year, our district decided to put stress on teachers about Marzano and scales.


158133005Let me talk about Marzone first. Marzano is my county’s new way of evaluating teachers. However, when we were given the information we were told “This is not to judge you, this is for you to help while teaching the kids.”

Please, don’t make me laugh.

Marzano is our new teacher evaluation rubric and it’s unfair to all those involved. However, if our county wants to show improvement in a couple years…they will do a proper job of making all our teachers look ineffective with this new evaluation scale.

I’m not saying it is completely useless. I am just saying that observing teachers for 15 minutes, 4 times a year does NOT give anyone a proper insight to how that teacher teaches.Which seems silly when a teachers evaluation can make or break their job.

Doesn’t seem fair, now does it?


Now let’s talk about scales, scales, and more scales.

Scales look like a rubric, but a rubric for the kids to know how to achieve mastery of a standard.

I do actually like the concept of scales.

Kids can track their progress on a standard every day and reflect on things they need to continue to work on before achieving mastery.

However, leave it to the education system to take something good and over do it so teachers hate their lives.

They want us to have seperate scales for every text you use. At the moment, we have one per standard since the standard is the same no matter what text you are working with.

Ain’t no way I am going to waste my time, paper, and copies to create a scale for EVERY text we read in class.

As if teachers don’t spend enough time planning out their lessons around the multiples of tests, evaluations and district given lessons…


Why is it our education system can’t figure out the facts. All this ridiculous evaluation changing and writing every little thing out on our board is NOT going to improve education.

I don’t see why we don’t look at other countries way of teaching and gain some of their knowledge…

Don’t you think it’s about time we stop worrying about the politics of education and actually focus on the education of the children who are our future?

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