Back at it

After a lovely 7 months of maternity leave, this week was the start of a new schedule.

I came back to work.

I figured summer school would be a nice transition to fall when I start full-time, since it is only 4 days a week and a few hours in the morning.

I am currently in day 3 of summer school and am already exhausted. It seems like the baby knows of the changes and is all out of sync, she is not sleeping nearly as well as she usually does AND she is not staying in her crib for long.

My mornings start now at 5:30 AM, which is horrible. I am not remotely a morning person. I knew that having a kid would add time to my normal routine…but I did not think I would need to be up nearly 2 hours prior to leaving the house.

With pumping, packing the baby bag (if I forget to do it the night before), eating breakfast, getting myself dressed and then finally getting baby changed and dressed is how things happen now.

I also now have to add extra drive time to my commute because of taking the baby to daycare.

Don’t get me wrong, I was getting extremely bored with staying at home all the time…so summer school was the perfect solution.

It is nice to see some of my students…even if it is because they are making up their credits. I am also getting to meet potential 8th graders who I will most likely have next year!

Despite being exhausted, it feels pretty good to be back…and it will continue to feel better once I get more into the routine of work again.

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