Why I chose to teach another year

Before leaving on maternity leave, I truly was miserable.

Add being hormonal to the every day struggle of teaching 8th grade students writing and basic English skills, I was dead set on not going back to teaching.

My school is far from perfect. Discipline and teacher support needs work in the administration department, the students tend to come from broken homes, and the state is constantly monitoring and changing the way we teach and how we are meant to teach.

All the extra paper work, meetings and trainings were adding to my exhaustion and I had had enough.

49f55c653a0969175fb973932b0f9288I use to go home and cry to my husband whenever the talk of going back after the baby came up. I hated every bit of my job and the thought of another year made me sick to my stomach.

(Luckily, my crying face was not nearly as ugly as Kim K’s, but still, you get the idea)

Then I had my daughter.

At first I was still set on not going back to teaching. I was enjoying maternity leave and not seeing students on the daily.

However, a few months after my daughter was born, I had a moment of adulting and realized I needed to go back to work soon…and teaching was the best option.

No, I did not change schools. I chose to stay at mine for another year (this will be year 4!). You may wonder why someone would stay somewhere that makes them unhappy… let me explain.

  • At my school, I know my administrators and principal will be understanding if I need to take off any time for my daughter. Whether it is for a doctor’s appointment or her birthday.
  • I also know that I LOVE my fellow teachers. My school has one of the best groups of teachers! We are all supportive of each other and friendly. If you even need a moment, someone will come help you out.
  • Teaching, in general, has a great schedule when it comes to having kids. Holidays and summers off. Brilliant!
  • Health insurance. My husband can’t get my family insurance through his job, so I need to work somewhere that will provide that for my growing family.
  • I really do love the students. At the end of the day, whether they make me cry or laugh. I know they only w13615447_10153632459888038_3664311718244452109_nant love and attention. I am happy to let them know someone in their life cares about them.

Yes, teaching is a hard job, and teachers are not paid nearly enough. However, if the love for the kids is there, especially with the middle school age group, why wouldn’t I continue.

I am not saying I will teach forever, but I can certainly handle another year if it means providing for my family.

I mean, look at my chubby little peanut! How could I not want the best for her and her future. ❤


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