How teachers feel in trainings (Memes included)

Every year, teachers have to do constant trainings, whether it is in regards to their content area, summer school, technology…the personal development opportunities are endless!

Most teachers even try to sucker a few friends to join them for the trainings, you know, for moral support and the occasional disctraction.

All teachers can relate to the following memes when it comes to trainings… img_3876

First off, teachers do actually work during summer vacation…that is when most of the trainings for the following school year happen.

Yes, we make this exact face, but mainly because we hate thinking about summer trainings…not fun!
I also make this face in a summer training. Honestly, I am sure I make this face way more than I should.


Then there is this reaction every time I get an email about a training that is optional.

Why in the world would I EVER want to take an optional training that will give me nothing more than knowledge and component points?

Thank you, but I will pass.


You get to the training and grab a table in the back for you and your friends…then someone (a teacher from a different school or someone who will make you pay attention) comes and sits at your table…

This is the worst! All my brain can do is go to this scene in Mean Girls.

Is it acceptable to email them this meme to get the point across?

img_3875Then you get that one speaker that talks about all their life experiences which have nothing relatable to your teaching situation.

Don’t tell me how strategies worked on students at another school in another country…I want to know what till work on my students, here.

So glad you are proud of your accomplishments, but you are wasting my lunch time by rambling on about yourself.


Then there are a few phrases that this meme is the reaction to;

“Every body stand up for th

is next activity…”

“On a piece of paper write down a reflection to the following topic…”

“At your table discuss…”


When you realize that like most school meetings, this training could have also been sent in an email.

Instead, you sat on your butt and listened to 8 hours of word vomit that you can never use in your daily teaching life.

You also probably have an entire tree full of the handouts that could have easily been emailed to you prior to the training. Save the trees people…stop wasting so much paper on things that will be thrown away.

So while those more diligent teachers listen closely, taking notes on what the speaker is saying, and participates like a good student…what are you doing?

Well, let’s just say playing on pinterest, sending memes in a giant group chat of your friends that are also in the training, and messing with snapchat filters is a good way to pass the time.




Fairy tales for EVERY lesson!

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? Seriously, don’t lie to yourselves…you love them.

Well, so do I!

I am one of those teachers who likes to pull things that the kids have known since they were little(r) and put it into classroom lessons.

Let’s be real for a minute. Any excuse to put something Disney-like into my lessons…I just like to add a little pixie dust and fantasy into my lesson plans.

My 8th grade students had a great time making a poster after researching Cinderella stories in other cultures. They quickly found out that, in some culture, the Cinderella story is not as lovely and magical as the version they grew up knowing.

Another way of bringing childhood fairy tales into the classroom is by using them to teach writing techniques. Along with teaching English, I also teach Journalism.

My journalism students are needing to learn how to turn fluffy, soft news into hard-hitting news.

Firstly, I am having them summarize popular fairy tales in one sentence. For example: Three Little Pigs.

“Two our of three pigs died when their houses were blown down by a wolf.”

Sounds a little less kid friendly, but this is what happened. Think about it.

Once, as a class, we have discussed and summarized the fairy tales, then I give them a couple more, this time they must create a 150 word news story about the story, all while keeping it news sounding.

Pretty fun huh?

My thoughts on this method is that most students know things such as fairy tales from when they were really little. So, why not make the learning seem less scary and hard by using something they already know that they do not find intimidating?

This can be done with anything the kids know well. Just a thought for those teachers who are looking for ways to change things up for their kiddos. Try something they like, know, and find “simple”.

Remember, all any of us need is a little FAITH, TRUST, & PIXIE DUST.


Things you shouldn’t say to kids…but you do

I am the poster child for phrases and comments you should not really say to students, but sometimes…it happens. So, for a little giggle and to know you are not the only one, here are some comments I have heard before that came out wrong or should have been thought through a bit more beforehand.

*Please note these quotes had conversations behind them. Students took them jokingly & were NOT offended by comments made*10269441_10152412248823038_2715149489830719757_n

  •  “Don’t make my life hard” (According to my kids this is my motto)
  • “And…you bettered my life by telling me that…how?”
  • “GO AWAY!”
  • “I will roundhouse kick you into your seat if you don’t sit down!”
  • “I will eat your soul for breakfast with strawberries and skim milk.”
  • “You kill me…”
  • “No I don’t want kids right now, you all remind me of that daily.”
  • “Shut your face.”
  • “This class will be the reason I go back to journalism.”
  • “Now, I know you are not that stupid…”
  • “It’s a good thing you’re cute.”

I like to think of this as being “real” with my students. I sit on a desk, look them straight in their little faces and I say what is on my mind and level with them so they know I am serious.

My students love me for my sarcastic and witty personality, but at the end of the day, I build relationships with my students before allowing them to get to know the real me. I want them to know that even when I am sarcastic and giving them a hard time, I care about them and am just getting my point across in a joking manner…AKA “Middle School Kid Speak”.

I am not saying to start off this way with students. You need to see what your student base is like to decide what will make them appreciate you as an educator and friend more. Older students need to build that trust with you. You need to earn that “street cred” as one might say.

For all teachers, my one tip I have learned is: Be “real” and level with your kids, especially if you work at a rougher school. These kids need to know you see them as a person, not that you think you are better than them because you are an adult.

At the end of the day, each and every one of my students know I love them and support them. They know I care about how they do in class, school, how they are feeling, and most importantly….they know that I care about them as a little individual and see them as something more than a silly kid.



We all have learned to love the awesome memes that are floating around the internet. Grumpy Cat, Willy Wonka, Intense Baby…they are all hilarious. Why, however, do we not use them in our classrooms?

Students LOVE social media…memes included. So, my fellow 8th grade teacher and I had some fun this summer finding and coming up with clever memes to get across our classroom rules and points we thought our students needed to get.

Below I will list some of my favorite memes hanging up in my classroom:

   <– 1. Grumpy Cat! This is brilliant due to the fact my students can get chatty…I now can point to            this meme and give them this look. They get the point and appreciate my humor.






1222050c9183a33afae801a63f1bb550c2f5fe60a2c1770be8d859019a37f03b 2. Evil Happy Asian Boy…I love him. I want to  carry him around with me. Plus, he is hanging    on the inside of my door so as my kids leave they can roll their eyes at how “unfunny” I am while I giggle at them in my head….because I am funny…sorry kids. 😉 –>


534bbd282472f55f3d694c2b06562738<– 3.  Beyoncé will take your “no name” papers…and she will toss em to the left… into the trash…if you do not claim them and write your name on them. Make your papers happy, write your name on them! (#1 teacher pet peeve…no name papers…rawr)





4. Last, but not least: Willy Wonka at his finest! Kids are always asking me a week before grades are due for extra credit. If you want extra credit you should have done your original work…then you would not need to get your grade up necessarily!

Silly children, get it together. –>




As a side note. I was worried my kids would find me “lame” for covering my walls with memes to create some comedy relief in the classroom. However, most of them find my memes funny. Want to be a “cool” teacher like me in the eyes of your middle schoolers? Give memes a try…you never know, you may just turn into the most awesome teacher on campus…or, at least, we can help students hate school a little less with some entertainment they can relate to and appreciate.