No Excuse November

I don’t know about the rest of the teachers out there, but DANG…this year has been a rough one so far!

I, for one, have completely let the stress over take my life.

I stopped working out. I stopped eating healthy (Chickfila has been my GO TO). I have really just stopped doing everything that relieves the stress of work because I rather come home, pour myself a glass of wine, and watch Once Upon A Time and forget my troubles.

My excuse to do this nightly ritual? “School was stressful, so I just want to do nothing.” Seemed like a legit excuse to me…

Well, I decided NO MORE!




Starting today (November 1, 2014) I am getting my stress and life back on track to a healthier, fitter and happier me.

Men have “No Shave November” or “MOvember”, well….I am starting up the #NoExcuseNovember trend.

I challenge all of you, teachers or not, to find something to give up this November to help decrease stress and help create a better lifestyle habit for your future.

Don’t let the stress of your job take over your happiness and personal life….find a way to relieve that stress so you can enjoy the little things in life without the worries of your work.

So, help me start the trend! Let’s do this!


That Social Media Stuff though…

Many teachers, no offense, tend to be stuck in this mindset that using social media to your advantage is a bad thing.

I teach my students how to blog, write information packed tweet, hashtag (properly) and share things on all social media sites to get the most out of their hard work.

And yes, I do teach this to my journalism students as well as my Lang. Arts kids…with the rise of technology in today’s youth. Kids need to know how to spell, talk, write and use social media correctly.

How do I teach them this? With practice. The best example of these practices are myself. I have a few blogs, and every form of social media you can think of.

For this coming year, I have also gone viral with the way I raise money for my journalism class.

Go Fund Me is a great way to set a goal, and spread the word about this goal across your email list, Facebook friends and Twitter followers.You can reach your goal with your friends just clicking on the link and donating.

Easy Peasy!

Here is my donation page. I am attempting to raise the money to help my students turn their class blog into a real student paper they can share with their classmates!

Want to donate? Click this link and share the page! Help out my students 🙂

There you go. Just another way I am “not your average teacher”.